Khyber TV Live

Khyber TV or AVT Khyber is a Pashto entertainment channel owned by Kamran Hamid Raja. Khyber TV live streaming is available on Sajid Javed's Sports.

Khyber News and Khyber Middle East are the sister companies of Khyber TV. You can also watch Khyber News live on our website.

The Khyber TV programs list is available on our blog. Each day's schedule is different. AVT Khyber programs list includes Khyber Sahar, Ahang e Afghan, Jawand Rung, Rough Sehat, Kor Oar, Khyber Studio, Zouq e Ahang and Dari News etc.

Pashto Drama, Pashto Tappy, Pashto Songs, Pashto Kids Shows, Pashto Talk Shows and Pashto Musical Shows are provided on Khyber TV.

Let's watch khyber tv live Pashto songs, Khyber TV news live, Khyber TV Live Pashto songs and Khyber TV drama .

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